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Pneumatic bulk carrier

Tank trucks are mostly used to transport liquids , and come in various shapes, materials and structures according to the liquids carried ; commonly oil and chemicals. Developed with the know-how accumulated through years of experience, the lineup ranges from a small-volume delivery truck to a tank trailer for bulk transportation.


Air sliding type

The air slide system is adopted to fluidize powder and granular material by using air blow from the texture of the air slide canvas installed at the bottom of the tank and collect them into the vent located at the central part of the tank. This system is suitable for delivery powder and granular material that have good fluidity such as cement and fly ash.

Aeration blow type

Typical air exhaust vehicle provided broad usability, available for delivery powder and granular material such as cement, lime, chemicals at long-distance and high altitude by aeration blow system. This vehicle can deliver its ability best for delivery coarse grain.
Improvement of workability is attained by providing a manhole with the wide step located at upward of the tank and with the safety hook. Easy replacement of canvas and economic maintenance.

Dumper type

This system is available for delivery powder and granular material of the cargo by leading them in the ejecting section by tilting the tank with the dump mechanism. The opening and closing of the rear hatch allows easy cleaning of the residuals and round-trip of the different types of powder and granular material.
* The following two types are provided depending on the exhaust system.

  • Full-dump system
    » dump mechanism + aeration blow system
  • Semi-dump system
    » dump mechanism + air slide system

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